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My Waranty

1. For Waranty to be valid the puppy must be examined by your vet within 72 hours of your receiving the puppy and a report faxed to Joy at 858 576 2304

2. The breeder may reimburse the buyer of the puppy under certain circumstances. The Waranty will not exceed $500 or the puppy may be returned to the breeder and will be replaced with a puppy from the next litter

3. I have taken every precaution to attempt to prevent genetic disorders. Please see medical documents. I offer a 2 year guarantee for genetic defects and a 26 month guarantee for hip dysplasia. I have done my best to produce a dysplasia free dog. Current research shows that obese dogs increases their risk of getting hip dysplasia by 50%. Please do you best to raise a dysplasia free dog by keeping your dog at a healthy weight. I will not warrantee hips on a dog that is more than 25% overweight or 25% underweight. Please love your dog enough to keep him/her at a healthy weight. If, despite keeping your dog at a healthy weight, dysplasia or a genetic defect occurs within the above time periods, I will pay up to $500 in veterinary expenses, minus any rebates, to help re mediate your dog's problem however xrays and medical records must be sent to me for consultation with my vet. In some cases, a second opinion may be required by the breeder before covering vet bills. Or the puppy may be returned to the breeder for replacement from the next litter.

4. The puppies are vaccinated and wormed before they leave, However, it can happen that the puppy could have parasites or worms. Parasites and worms are not covered by this Waranty. I do my very best to be certain that they do not have worms or parasites before they leave. They are not in contact with other dogs. They are kept in my home and sheltered with great care. However, as much as I would like to say it never happens, it sometimes does. I will not over dose the puppy with medication as this can cause other problems. Furthermore, Medication can cause diareah so I do not administer it too close to the date the puppy will be traveling. Also, a puppy can be exposed to worms or parasites from the new owners other pets, or just putting them on the ground or taking them for a walk. The new owner should have them tested for worms or parasites within 72 hours of arrival and administer doses of worming medication if necessary. The new owner will be responsible for these costs.

5. Kennel cough shots should be given by the new owner at the time advised by the owner's veterianarian. My veterianarian does not believe in giving too many inoculations to a young puppy as we are learning that too many shots over too short a period of time can cause other problems in later life. These shots need to be given slowly over time. You should discuss with your veterinarian the age and stage for innoculations, your dog can be with strange dogs or go to the dog park. The puppy is not exposed to these things before leaving the breeder.

6. My vet examines all pups before I put them up for sale.
A vet check letter will be supplied to the buyer.

7.All puppies will be wormed, vaccinated, and be vet checked before being sold
I deworm and vaccinate all pups but the vaccine does not cover all strains of the virus/bacteria much like the flu vaccine doesn't cover all strains of the flu. Do not expose your puppy to other dogs until your vet says it is safe to do so.
Bacterias and viruses have an incubation period. Parvo for example would not show up before 5 days and no later than 10 days from purchase. In other words if a pup gets parvo 2 weeks after purchase you know it contracted it after the purchase date. If parvo is contracted within the incubation period after the pick up date, the breeder will pay vet bills up to $500. The breeder will require a written report from the vet and may request a second opinion.

8. I reserve the right to offer a full refund if I feel placement with the potential owner is not in the puppy's best interest.

9. It is always nice to pick you pup up in person. Sometimes this just can't be done. I am happy to assist in shipping your pup The shipping is at the owner's expense and the shipping prices vary. The health certificate for shipping is about $60, the kennel about $30 and the shipping usually under $300. Your pup would be leaving from the San Diego Airport. I will also make attempts to have the puppy couriered under the seat of a trustworthy person who may be traveling to your area. If the puppy must go by air, a direct flight with no lay overs would be the best choice. If you contact your local airport cargo department, they should be able to give you a more accurate price for shipping your pup, which should be under 20 lbs. Although many puppies are shipped with no problems and arrive at their destination in perfect health, The breeder does not Waranty the health or safety of the puppy during shipping. The new owner owns the puppy at the time the puppy is handed over to the shipper or courier.

If you are interested in a Giant Schnoodle of Joy. Contact Joy at her email: Caringpro@Yahoo.com