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Description of the Giant Schnoodle of Joy

I bred my Standard Poodle to a Giant Schnauzer. The giant schnauzer has much better heat and cold resistance than any other breed I have researched. I am breeding for a dog that will be a versatile, superior service dog specializing in pulling a wheelchair, pulling a dog cart, as well as agility, doggy dancing, flyball, herding etc. in very hot or very cold climates. I am breeding for the endurance of the GS with the intelligence and trainability of the poodle. Since both breeds do no shed we should get non-shedding hypoallergenic puppies. My research has shown that the GS has one of the least genetic defects of most large breeds, probably because it is a fairly new breed (1920's) This will be a high energy, strong working dog suitable to people who want to do athletic things with their dogs. At the very least to throw a lot of balls or Frisbees or even horseback riding with their dog in extremely hot or cold climates. I have done extensive genetic testing.

The male's hips are good. The female's prelims are excellent to good and I have a history of good or better hips going back several generations on both sides. We have also tested eyes, thyroid, heart etc. The stud dog is an absolutely gorgeous GS with a black shiny coat. He is agile and has completed his AKC championship. The female is a white standard poodle. She is a service dog, pulls a wheelchair, pulls a cart, and does doggy dancing. She has her AKC Canine Good Citizenship Certificate. she is certified by the county of San Diego as a service dog. She is a very calm, laid back strong standard poodle, incredibly intelligent with a soft, nurturing, loving personality. Both dogs are AKC registered, which is helpful for researching their backgrounds.

Both parents are young dogs. The male 3 years old and the female 2 years old.

The puppies will are hand raised in my home. I plan to keep 2 for myself. The puppies will be constantly handled and socialized. There will be one litter only, to get all my attention.

For anyone who is seriously interested, I can provide the numbers of several generations, which can be seen on the website offa.org . I can also provide copies of the papers to people who show a serious interest. I will be retaining a breeding interest on some dogs placed nearby for future development of the breed. One experience about a Giant Schnauzer that I would like to share. I have a condition that often results in painful episodes, so painful that I may have to use a wheelchair to keep up the pace of my life. My giant schnauzer was so tuned into my body that he would put his head on my chest and look up into my eyes just before a painful episode. If I would listen to him and go lie down and relax, I could often avoid that painful episode. If I didn't listen to him, I could be pretty sure, that I would be in pain quite soon after he warned me. These dogs are each incredibly talented and beautiful in their own way. They are beautiful puppies and will be magnificant dogs. Please email me at caringpro@yahoo.com if you are interested.

If you are interested in a Giant Schnoodle. Contact Joy at her email: CaringPro@Yahoo.com