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Rescue Feeds My Soul

by Joy R.

I don't have time to do rescue right now. It's my busy season at work. I have to set up a whole section at the back of my office so the rescue dog and shoes of the new people don't cross paths with my precious puppies that I call the Twinkles. I have to worm, vaccinate and shave the Twinkle's butts. Then I get a call from a lady. Her husband died. She has to sell her house and leave the state. If I don't take Kilo, her 8-year-old poodle, she will have to put him down. She also has a fox terrier, 9 years old and missing some teeth. I'm too busy, too harried but I call around. I find someone who will back up foster if I can't find a home. I call someone on my list that might be the right home. I cancel going to the workshop on holistic dog health. I make an appointment with the prospective adoptive parents. I arrange for all this to happen at my office as I take all the dogs to work with me every day and I usually do rescues in the office as well. The lady with Kilo arrives at my office an hour early. I'm still running around looking for the right disinfectant. She waits in the car. While I'm driving, I'm listening to an audio book by Barbara Taylor Bradford. Just as I drive up, the main character finds out that her husband, 2 children and little Bichon dog have been shot dead. I'm crying as I drive up. I have to unload my 8 dogs and get them situated. Everyone in my office has a problem that has to be dealt with immediately. Just as I'm ready to tear my hair out, I see Kilo. A gorgeous silver poodle with an expectant happy look on his face. He knows something is going on but you can also tell that for him, even stressful events have been adventures that have had a good ending. I put him in a large crate in a back room of my office. His mom cries and I hold her. I'm in tears and I don't know whether it's for Kilo's mom or the aftermath of the Barbara Taylor Bradford book. Kilo's mom says goodbye and leaves him. His new parents arrive about 4 hours later. They fall in love. I get high. I don't know what heroin feels like but I'm sure this is a higher high. And I realize how shriveled my soul is when my existence is so harried. Rescue is good for the dog, good for the owner who had to leave him, good for the new parents and feeds my soul. Here are some pictures of Kilo and his new moms.