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Giant Schnoodles of Joy

A Schnoodle Success Story

Ruth recently added a schnoodle to her family in Sidney, Maine. These are her remarks.

Well lets just say I should be selling Schnoodles instead of horses. Everybody in the barn wants one! Im just wondering how you get a litter with all the sizes????hehe
Schnoodle made the trip to Boston wonderful. He was picked up in the rain, and driven 3 hours north to his new home in Maine. I had 10 campers for the weekend. SO he was welcomed by lots of people. They all played until midnight . I thought he would snuggle in our king size bed with 2 adults, a 3 yr little boy, 2 toy poodles and a cat. But he decided he wanted no part of that and went to his open crate next to the bed. He slept all night and got up at about 5 to pee and eat. Today we did our photo shoot with the rest of the poodles./cat I have a digital and take millions of pics. SO expect lots! He went to the barn, smelled a horse. THis did not bother him at all. We went for a long walk around the barn. He followed perfect with NO leash. Hes wonderful with everybody. Not shy. Totally relaxed with every person who picked him up. He lays in your arms like a baby. Just totally trusting in you.
Hes had no less then a thousand kisses today. And I had to print what a Schnoodle is, and post it. In horse terms we would call him a "warm blood " schnauzer being the draft horse and poodle the thoughobred. Thanks again for him. Everybody thought I was crazy when I told them I was surfing the net, found the dog of my dreams in San Diego, Cal., bought him a one way ticket to Boston and sent someone 3 hours to pick him up. Then they thought I was really crazy when I told them how much. But if he lives his life expectancy, what $100 a year for a side kick? Thank you thank you, he is perfect and our homes must be similar, because he has fit in like he was born here. Also he has made only a few mistakes, but for the most part follows my toy poodles out.
Hes under my office chair now waiting for me.

Ruth and Schnoodles Ballard