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The following are excerpts from my soon to be published book:

 Making The Health Care System Work For You
The Soup and Salad Power Diet    
 Renaissance Joy Ramblings


Please let me know if anything is helpful to you.  All suggestions and feedback are welcome!

Dear Renaissance Joy,

I often get bills from companies that I know I have paid. I write them and call them. They say they resolved the problem then I keep getting bills. The late payments that they think I owe ruins my credit rating but I don't want to pay what I don't owe. What can I do?

Frustrated in the Urban Jungle


Dear Frustrated,

Send them the PESKY BILL letter. You'll notice the PESKY BILL letter threatens to charge them for your time each time they bill you. Do exactly that. Go to a stationery store and purchase a billing book. Send your bills weekly to the accounts payable department of the company that is billing you. Be sure to charge them interest unless they pay immediately. It drives them crazy! Sometimes they even pay the bill! Be sure you have your phone number listed on your bills. I have received phone calls from the vice president of the company. In any event, the situation usually gets resolved quickly.

Dear Renaissance Joy,

I have a swimming pool in my back yard and the neighborhood children love to come here and swim with my children. I don't mind having them but since this is California, I worry that if someone gets injured, I'll be held responsible. I don't want to tell my children that they can't have their friends over to swim with them in our pool. But it is a tremendous responsibility for me. What can I do to protect myself?



Dear Scared,

First of all make sure your liability insurance is paid up and you have plenty of it. Also discuss this with an attorney. I like to have a release from parent. Although it may not protect you in a court of law, it makes the understanding between you and the other parents clear. This is the release I get before allowing other people's children in my pool. You may want to customize it for your particular circumstances.

Dear Renaissance Joy,

I work out of my home office. I often have a handy person or construction work done on my home. I can't stand by and supervise all the time. Often tools are left around. Debris is not hauled away. My neighbor had a construction worker start on his bathroom. The worker dug a hole and left it there for six months till he came back and finished the bathroom. I'm considering having an addition constructed but I'm afraid this will happen to me. What can I do?



Dear Help,

The important part of working with anyone is communication. Your expectations must be clear, in writing, and agreed to with both parties. Don't forget a contract is only as good as the people who agree to it. It doesn't guarantee good workmanship. Look at the contracts below. You can customize them for your Needs. Notice the abandonment clause. This allows you to fire the contractor without incurring a huge financial loss, if s/he, starts your job and then leaves it to start other jobs so many jobs can be tied up but not finished. This is something many contractors do and you have a right and a responsibility to protect yourself from this kind of unscrupulous practice.

Dear Renaissance Joy,

I will be hiring a gardener soon. I am not home all day. How can I get him to do what I want?



Dear wondering,

Make a clear agreement with your gardener. Use the agreement below as a guideline and customize it for your particular situation.

Dear Renaissance Joy,

As a newly single woman, I feel very ignorant about my car. I wish I could do some preventative maintenance on my car. I am worried that it will break down on me if I don't but I always feel like I'm going to get ripped off by the auto mechanic and they will want to do more than is necessary. I am a single mother on a limited budget. Can you suggest something?

Mechanically Challenged.


Dear Challenged,

You need to do two things: Find a good mechanic, and take charge of the process. Ask friends and family, failing that, ask strangers on buses, planes and trains what mechanic they use and could they recommend someone. Take charge of the process of preventative maintenance. Use the form below. Call your local high school or college and find students who are studying auto mechanics. Offer to pay to have a student come out and check your car over periodically, according to the checklist below. To lower your cost and make it more desirable for the student, organize your neighbors so that the student checks several cars at one time in one neighborhood. This will lower your cost, make it more profitable for the student, and your neighbors will be delighted to have the preventative maintenance done on their cars too.

A Renaissance person is someone who has learned a little extra about a lot of things and is willing to share. 

About Renaissance Joy

Renaissance Joy is the CEO of  Caring-Products.  She is also the inventor of Camp Stamp, Dr. Joy's Miracle ID Stamper and many of the other products seen on the website. She holds several patents and trademarks.  She is a published author.   Her degree is in Social Work, with graduate work in Educational Psychology.   She is also a health educator who introduced Lamaze Method of Childbirth to Winnipeg Canada in 1969.  She taught Lamaze for 11 years. She is the founder of the San Diego Women's Chorus which she conducted for one year.  She had a psychotherapy practice for 20 years before she retired from  it and went on to her developing her inventions and her mail order, e-commerce business. She is a public speaker and business consultant.  Renaissance Joy currently resides in San Diego, California where she manages Caring Products as well as offering her business consulting services and making some public appearances.  She has two grown children, two dogs: a standard poodle,   a giant schnauzer and a cat named Dream Kitty, who doesn't like the schnauzer    Her hobbies include, singing and playing the guitar, travelling to Mexico, and dog carting.  Thats right, the dogs pull her in a surry!  The diversity of her interests, education knowledge and experience have led to the identity, Renaissance Joy.


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