"I want to compliment you on Camp Stamp. I saw pictures of your differently abled people on your quality control form. I do volunteer work with Cerebral Palsy and Down Syndrome people & appreciate your giving them an opportunity to reach their potential." --Elaine Greenburg, Tucson, AZ

The pride of the ALTER ABLED worker goes into every CAMP STAMP. CAMP STAMP provides parents with a simple and time-saving way to retrieve their kids' clothes, nursing homes with a way to help keep track of their loved ones belongings, and the military with a way to identify the belonging of the troops. Camp Stamp provides the ALTER ABLED WORKER, with a way to earn an independent living while making a difference.

These pictures show some of the processes in making Camp Stamp, each one of which is especially personalized for you.

Alter abled people, who happen to have cerebral palsy, are courageous people who overcome tremendous physical handicaps to do challenging and rewarding work. These are people who could sit home and collect disability insurance. They have every right to do so, considering the sheer exhaustion most of us would feel attempting to overcome their daily challeges, just to get to work. But, they have chosen to rise above their altered abilities and struggle daily to go to work and be contributing , tax paying members of society, giving more than they take.

It is with tremendous awe and admiration that these pictures are presented, showing alter abled people who are proud of having jobs and being able to work for a living and provide a superior product for you, the valued customer.


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