CAREER PRIORITIES...............

  What are your Career Priorities? Number them from 1 to 26 with number 1 being the most important one. Then print a copy to refer to it whenever you want to apply for a new job. HAVE FUN!


 Liking the work: How important is the intrinsic value of the work to you?

 Social Service: Working for the benefit of society.

 Intellectual: Solving complex questions requiring thought, applying concepts, and knowledge to problems.

 Variety: Being engaged in many different activities or problems.

 Creative: Initiating new idea or product.

 Security: Knowing the job will last.

 Promotion: Ability to move up in position, in responsibility, and in income.

 Flexible Hours: Choosing time of day or working part time.

 Distance from Home: Travel time.

 Independent: Planning own work activities, being free to change procedures.

 Vacation Time: Time off to pursue leisure activities.

 Writing: Learning a process and writing it for others to understand.

 High Job Demand: Do you work a job that is in high demand or are you willing to hustle to find a job?

 Recognition: Being known by many people; recurring respect from others.

 Financial Income: Receiving high income.

 Pleasant Physical Surroundings

 Productive: Marking a product or doing work which results in something useable.

  Adventure: Doing exciting activities in new or uncertain situations.


 Leadership: Influencing others being a leader, making decisions.

 Orderliness: Following set procedures, doing well ordered repetitive routines.

 Artistic: Producing something aesthetically pleasing to the physical senses.

 Power: Feeling of power on the job.

 Competition: Like competing on the job.

 Physical Performance: Doing physical tasks which require precision and coordination.




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