Thank you for applying to Inc.

Web Work

The web work position is an entry level indedpendent contractor position
Hours are flexible within the hours of 12 noon to 5:00 PM Monday thru Thurs.
Pay is entry level based on skill and ability. We try to accomodate student's schedules.
Please email the following for your application to be considered:
Hyperlinks to at least 2 web site you have built. If you have more, email as many as you have. They can be personal websites. We do not open attachments.
Your phone number and address
What area of the city do you live in? eg Hillcrest, Clairmemont Mesa, etc.
What hours that you are available to work
What are you presently doing and work and school history
2 references with phone numbers. This may be previous supervisors in a paid or volunteer position you may have held or school teachers or college professors who can be contacted for reference.

Do you have transportation to get to our office in Kearney Mesa?

This position offers Certification of business internship for Webmaster or web marketer after 500 hours of satisfactory work in each area.

Computer Tech

We are also looking for a computer tech to maintain our computers. Experience, skill and ability is more important than certification. This is also a part time, entry level, independent contractor, as needed position. If you wish to apply or know someone who wants to apply for this position, please state that you are also interested in this position or ask the person to send resume and references to this url. A test will be required for this position.

This position offers Certification of business internship for computer technician after 500 hours of satisfactory work in each area.
A test is required for this position.
Please send resume and hours of availability.
Please send inline text as we do not open attachments.

Our hours are flexible to accomodate other part time jobs, student's classes etc. However, the hours are within the time frame of Monday to Friday noon until 6:00 PM. Monday to Thursday.


Subject must be : Conforming Application

Attachments will not be opened.

If you have already applied in the past please resubmit your application to