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Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Can I change, add, delete,or cancel after my order is transmitted?
A: Orders are processed at 12:00 noon daily. If your request comes before 12 noon after the order is placed, we can usually comply with your request. After 12:00 P.M. there is a $10.00 charge to locate and change an order. You may want to place a separate order.
Q: I'm afraid to use a credit card because someone might steal the numbers and use them.
A: I know there has been a lot of media hype about this one, but the truth is , if this were to happen, and it won't happen with us, you could notify your credit card company and not have to pay the charge. You might want to check this with your credit card company. You'll see that I'm telling you the truth.
Q: Can I charge my own Fed Ex number?
A: Sorry, no.  It doesn't work with our system.
Q: I live in San Diego, can I pick it up at your office?
A: Sorry, no.  We keep our costs low by not maintaining a retail outlet. A pick up at the Clairemont Mail bank can be arranged by calling our office at 576-2273. There will be an additional $10.00 charge for this service.
Q: Why do I have to pay extra for a rush order?
A: We do have a special handling charge to pay our people for the extra steps it takes to call the manufacturer, put  yours to the front of the line and have it mailed out directly from the manufacturer.
Q: I want to phone in the order and send a check later to save time?
A: It won't save time because if the order and check are separated it may take extra time to get them together.  We can get the order to you very quickly if you send them together or if you wish to save time, you might want to put your order on a credit card. I could take your order now.
RUSH !    RUSH ! -  Campstamp Self Assembled
We are only selling self assembled as a last resort, last minute rush item.  We have more customer satisfaction with pre-assembled.
Q: What is the difference between  a self assembled and pre-assembled?
A: The self assembled has little peel off rubber letters that stick  on so you can make up your stamp any way you want to. The pre-assembled, we take the name and phone number, and we assemble it for you. The self assembled is sent to you within a week and the pre-assembled takes 2 weeks.
Q: Is it hard to assemble?
A: No, but it takes a little manual dexterity. Just peel the back off the letter and stick it on the stamp right to the left and your stamp is ready to use.
Q: What if I have 2 of the same letters in my name?
A: There is more than one of each letter in the alphabet Sets. If you require extra letters, enter your child's name in the comments section  and request which extra letters you need.
Q: How many of each letter are there in a letter set?
A: There are 57 letters. They are used for the military and they have always found the alphabet sets to contain enough for names of the service people. Letters, 3- A's , 3-B's, 3- C's, 3- D's, 4- E's, 2- F's, 2-M's, 3-N's, 4-O's, 3-P's, 1-Q,  3-R's,  3-S's, 3-T's, 2-U's, 2-V's, 2-W's, 1-X, 2-Y's, 1-Z
Q: How many numbers are there in a number set?
A: There are 3 of each number in the number sets.
Q: Can I make up 2 stamps with one set of letters?
A: No, You only get one handle with the letter set.
Q: Is there a larger self assembled stamp that I can purchase?
A: Dr. Joys Miracle ID stamper Contains 2 sets of 3/8 in letters. Which you can assemble on detachable velcro fasteners. This is a self inker and has been in great demand by the military.  Item # 62CS.............   $29.95

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