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Stamp a Whole Wardrobe in 10 Minutes!!!
Camp Stamp is a Stamp for Identifying Clothing
Illiminates Messy Pens And Iron-ons
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  #42 Camp Stamp (Black Ink) Classic Improved ($29.95) #35 Poncho Towel ($24.95)
  #44 Camp Stamp Duo Kit (Black & White Ink) Classic Improved ($39.95) #32 Rain Poncho ($9.95)
  Camp Stamp CLASSIC Extras #41 Watertight Bag ($24.95)
     #28 Extra (Black Ink) Pad Classic Improved ($15.95) #55B Baseball Cap (Black) - ($5.95)
     #29 Extra (White Ink) Pad Classic Improved ($15.95) #55G Baseball Cap (Green) - ($5.95)
     #39 Extra Camp Stamp (No Ink Pad) ($15.95) #55C Baseball Cap (Commemorative) - ($9.95)
  #33 Camp Stamp Marking Machine (Self Assembled) ($29.95) #47 Zip Duffel ($39.95)


#34 Camp Stamp Marking Machine Duo Kit (Self assembled - Black & White Ink) ($39.95) #36K Plastic Travel Kit ($9.95)
  #37 Extra Name: Self-adhesive letter set (Camp Stamp Marking Machine) ($17.95) #52 Towel Set ($19.95)
  #53 Extra Ink Cartridges (Black or White) Camp Stamp Marking Machine self assembled) ($17.95) #85 Camp Cot Sheet-Fitted ($24.95)
  #25 Jumbo Laundry Bag ($9.95) #91 Camp Cot Sheet Set ($34.95)
  #26 Fabric Marking Pen ($9.95) #49 Wheel & Wear Backpack On Wheels ($49.95)
  #31 Canteen ($12.95) #101 FREE EBOOKLET - Prepare your child for Camp

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