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Linda Jacobson; Bayside, NY; 01/27/99

Camp stamp is wonderful. It does not run looks just as good after washing the clothes and has the same intensity as before. I bought Camp Stamp last year for my son and am now ordering for my daughter.

Longhorn Director & Founder Tex Robertson; 02/05/99

We like Camp stamp so much that we have decided to use camp stamp exclusively. We are singing your praises.

Kathy Goodwin; 06/30/97

"My Camp Stamp is terrific. I ordered my camp stamp on June 12, 1992 and it is great. My sister ordered a couple years after and she was amazed as well. I use it on my kids
clothes for camp. It is a nice item. Thank you, Camp Stamp!

Charles M. Williams; 05/28/97

Thank you for your work! I, a psychiatric pharmacist, who works at one of NCs state facilities for those with various
developmental disabilities, greatly appreciate your independence! I especially enjoyed the photo and accompanying signatures and would recommend it be enlarged, if any changes were possible that might better
convey the quality of the people and the product you make at the Caring Center.

  Alice Smith; Perkasie, PA; 06/24/96

Two years ago, when my son was heading off to summer camp, I ordered a "camp stamp" through an item I clipped from your column. It was a great time saver: a permanent ink stamp with my sons name on it that I stamped on just about everything he took to camp with him. Believe it or not, almost everything came home with him at the end of the summer. Our daughter is going to camp this summer, and I want a "camp stamp" to mark her clothes and belongings. Can you re-print the address?

Steve Reisman; New York, NY; 08/03/96

Made life very easy and very organized. My son went to camp and had a wonderful time and he did not lose anything.

Randy Ross; 08/28/95

"Camp Stamp worked out great!"

Isabel Driscoll; Corinth, VT; 02/08/94

I have used your name stamps for several years and like them very much.

Celeste DeMarco; Tinton Falls, NJ

Using camp stamp for 4th year ordering for next child. Has used it for camp and school. "It is great! I really like it.