The Soup and Salad Power Diet

There are many ways to lose weight. My mother used to say the best way to lose weight was to exercise and the best exercise was pushing away from the table. The less we eat and the more we exercise, the more weight we will lose or the less we put o n. It isn't rocket science. The more we eat, the more weight we gain. Perfectly logical. And if we were perfectly logical beings, or machines, we would eat the exact amount to meet our needs and we'd all be at our perfect weight. There are so man y other factors that go into weight. Emotions, societal expectations, genetics, culture, hormones, conditioning, parental and cultural, nutrition, eating habbits, and of course, stress. To make it simple, we don't want to spend too much time analyzi ng and admiring the problem, we need to find simple solutions that will work around many of the contributing factors without having to spend time analyzing and examining them. The Soup and Salad Power Diet combines psychological, nutritional, socialogical, and some quick and simple recipes to make it easier to become satisfied with your body.

The soup and salad power diet addresses some of the underlying issues without having to spend too much time and energy examining them. The goal is to find ways to nuture ouselves and fool ourselves into feeing satisfied while eating in a way that is nutritionally sound and promotes high powered energy.


I find it easiest to exercise if I make it a routine. Whether it is a walk with the dog every morning or a different type each day. If it is a bike ride one day and arobics the next and a walk the third, if it is set at the same time each day and it becomes a routine, I am more likely to follow through. The more I have to think about making time for excercise, the less likely I am to do it. Of course the more you exersise the quicker the weight will come off. You will choose to exersise by t he amount proportionately, at the rate you want the weight to come off. Find something you enjoy doing or at least hate the least doing, and set up a routine. Pick a time of the day and do your exercise daily.

Ways to Lose Weight

The most effective method for me to lose a pound per week is to cut out starches. Cut down or practically cut out all starches. This includes bread, pasta, rice, cereal and of course my absolute all time favorites, potatoes. Eat high protein: eggs , fish, chicken, nuts or seeds and once in awhile, meat.

For some people cutting out fat is the most effective way to lose so they go on low fat diets. I think this is more difficult to maintain than a no starch diet. But you need to find out what works the best for you.

I can lose 2 lb per week, if I cut fat, sugar and starches. This, however, as dramatically effective as it may be, is too much deprivation to maintain. It is unrealistic to remain on such a strict diet, so when the dieting is over, the weight goes r ight back on. If you decide to diet, I recomend cutting out starches. I can lose one pound per week by not eating bread, potatoes, rice, pasta and cereal.

For those who are helped by a group, Overeaters Anonymous or Weight watchers are effective. Counting calories is effective for some people. You need to decide what works best for you.

The Winning Time to Lose Weight

There are, however, some factors to consider before embarking on a diet. There is only one time to diet. When you are set to succeed. It is better not to go on a diet than to go on a diet and not have some degree of success. How many people do you know who are constantly on a diet and constantly beating themselves up be cause they feel like they are failing. You must choose your "winning" time.

Times not to go on a diet:

During especially stressful times in your life. During a relationship breakup, job change, moving your residence, immediately after having a baby or anything that feels unusually stressful.

You have to be emotionally ready to diet. If you are obsessing about food and go on a fad diet and are constatly having to control yourself while you are obsessing, you'll just put it back on again, so why bother? For that matter, fad diets will probably result in just putting the weight back on again so why put yourself through it?

You have to be emotionally ready to take off the weight. You can't do it for sombody else, it has to be only for you. You feel better or healthier, feel sexier and want to feel sexier, or just want to wear certain clothes. There are many reason fo r wanting to lose weight that are just for you. Many women feel vulnerable and exposed when they lose weight so they put it right back on. This is often especially true if a woman has been molested as a child. And that is 1/3 of all women! Many women who have been molested as children, need the layer of fat as a buffer to protect them from the world. There a many other emotional problems that keep people from losing weight. The weight is only the symptom of the emotional baggage underlying th e weight. The extra buffer of fat may be necessary for the emotional comfort of that person. Thus you may want to prepare yourself emotionally before you go on a diet. Many times when we are stuffing ourselves, it isn't that we're hungry. We are trying to relieve emotional pain with food. We are trying not to feel the pain and often the food helps us not to feel the pain. Until we are prepared to feel the pain and face the pain and not use food to run from the pain, we are going to want to eat and dieting is counter productive. It's just one more way to fail, beat ourselves up and add to the pain. Of course it is a comfortable way because we are used to the pain do it is more comfortable than the discomfort of something new.

How can we prepare ourselves emotionally to lose weight? If we have the money, a professionaly counselor can help. Or, OA or a diet group can be supportive. Self help books are good if you find books a good way to grow. Choose the best way for you . But remember: Self loathing does not come because you are overweight, you are overweight because you don't love yourself enough to put your emotional and physical health as YOUR first priority. When you put your emotional and physical health as your first priority, you will find a way to discover the pain, face the pain and deal with the emotional pain and when you do, you will stop using food to deaden the pain. Then you will choose a method of weight loss that works for you.

You May Want to Choose New Role Models

There is also another side to this. There are plenty of beautiful women and men who are large. I call them Zaftic. They are soft and curvy and lovely to touch and hold. You do not have to look like a size 4 model to be beautiful and loveable. The re are more and more role models of beautiful Zaftic people. There are lots of beutiful clothes for beautiful Zaftic people. Maybe you are addicted to food to releive emotional pain. Or maybe you are a person who is meant to be zaftic. You are per fectly healthy and emotionally stable. You are just a georgeous zaftic! Okay, start loving your Zaftic self. Stop using the word fat and start saying Zaftic. Suround yourself with pictures of beautiful. successful, Zaftic people. Kamryn Mandheim, John Goodman, Nell Carter, Queen Latifa, Star Jones, Oprah (sometimes), and many more. Put their pictures on your walls. Look at them every day. Admire them. Learn to admire yourself. Stop using the Hollywood or New York model image to tell you how you SHOULD look. If you ever watch the View (daytime ABC), you will see that every morning the cameraman shows the butts of the five women on the show. I'm not sure why they do it, I guess the cameraman or the producer must be a butt man. (Per sonally, I'd rather they spent more show time on their terrific, interesting discussions than on the women's butts.) However, as long as they are showing butts, we can learn from it. There are five different women of different ages sizes and stages with five fabulous and very different butts. There is Lisa Ling with a teeny weeny flat butt. Joy Behar, Barbara Walters and Meridith Veaha, with the regular, run of the mill variety butts, and Star Jones with a big beautiful rounded butt that makes you want to reach into the television and pinch it! When you compare these butts, all are attractive in their own ways. Some people would be turned off by Starr's big butt and turned on by Lisa's teeny butt. Some would find Lisa's totally unattrac tive wanting someone with more padding like Joy's or Starr's. Some are attracted to someone with a little more meat on their bones. Someone you can hug without feeling the hard knocking of bones. Some are attracted to a body which is more unique a nd less standard as Barabara Walters, Meridith or Joy. Whoever you are, whatever your size, there are people who will be attracted to your body type physically. The key is for you to reach a state of emotional health where you can accept yourself ph ysically. Once this happens, the rest will follow.
If you cannot accept yourself, if you are constantly beating yourself, go to a counselor or a group and learn about how to accept yourself as a big, beautiful, Zaftic person. Practice phrases to shut people up when they tell a fat joke. Reclaim your pride. You are lovely just the way you are. And remember, there are people out there who will find you loveable just the way you are. When you accept yourself, others will too. Just be the best you, you can be.

Remember, all of us will attract a person at our own level of emotional health. So if you want to attract emotionally healthy people, get emotionally healthy. No matter what you look like on the outside, work at getting as emotionally health as possible so you can attract emotionally healthy people.

Life is about choices. We can choose to be whoever we want to be. Growth is about removing limitations and increasing our freedom to choose. If, after reading this, you still want to slim down, try the Soup and Salad, Power Diet.

The Soup and Salad Power Diet

We all have a little child inside of ourselves. This child has a voracious appetite and will eat continually and not know when to stop. We all have a nurturing parent inside of us. The nurturing parent can cajole the child and use psychological meth ods to help the child feel satisfsied with less food. The nurturing parent can help the child feel nurtured and satisfied with some simple techniques. We all have a critical parent inside of us. The critical parent puts out pronouncements about how things SHOULD or SHOULD NOT be and then does a good job of beating up the child when the child does not meet up to the SHOULD expectations of the parent. If you choose to diet, be kind to yourself. Do not "SHOULD" o n yourself. Put the critical parent to sleep and find kind, nurturing ways to acheive your goals. Then when you lose the weight, you are more likely to keep it off.

First of all, we have to listen to my mother and eat less. It is our child that gorges and eats. It is the Nurturing Parent that finds supportive psychological methods to cajole the child into eating less and to reward the child for doing well. Let s deal with a few ideas to make this endeavor successful before getting to the actual diet.

1. Remove all dishes from your cupboards except for small plates and bowls. Purchase only small plates and bowls Only have small dishes available. The nurturing parent is going to help the child feel she is getting lots of food. Food looks like m ore, when the plate is small. The child learns to eat less.

2. Eat a small amount. Chew every bite slowly. taste and enjoy each bite. Make a concious effort to make the eating slow. After a small plate of food, maybe 1/4 of what you usually eat, take a 10 minute break from eating. Tell your child she can come back and have more after the break if she's still hungry. Be aware if you are really hungry or are just enjoying eating or stuffing your feelings down. If the child is stuffing down feelings, sit alone for awhile. Write the feelings, express them into a tape recorder, or express the feelings any way that feels right to you. Always end by stroking your cheeks and telling the child she is okay and loved. Then go back and see if you wish to eat more. If so, have another small plate of fo od. Take another break until you have had enough.

3. Be sure to eat only food that is wonderful and tastes great. Do not waste calories on mediocre food. If your at a restaurant, send it back. If you don't like what you made at home, give it to the dog and start again. You and the dog will both win.

Soup and Salad Power Diet Recipes

4. Salad recipes -- sunflower seeds fat free dressings

5. Ice cream substitute= Low fat whip topping kept in freezer tastes like whipped ice cream. Put on 1/3 sliced bananna, berries, or microwaved apple slices with dab (dab means less than a teaspoon full) of chocolate sauce

6. Very important to plan meals and take lunch to work so you are not tempted to grab a hamburger or some other fast food. Hint -- Have your soup or salad in a big bowl in fridge so you can just grab a plastic covered dish full and take it to work with you.

7. The Power Part of the Diet The goal of a power diet is to keep your energy up. The best way to do this is to keep your blood sugar at an even level.

Blood sugar goes up and down in al of us. A graphic example is after lunch when everybody in the class you are teaching is falling asleep. Any teacher or speaker dreads the after lunch period and knows they must keep their class or audience moving so they won't nod off. To better understand the power of blood sugar on the body, let's examine how this happens.

A normal blood sugar is approximately 100. The student in your class eats a danish for breakfast. Or maybe eats nothing at all. If he eats a danish, the blood sugar rises. The body produces insulin to stabilize the blodd sugar and causes i t to drop. The morning wears on and the blood sugar drops. It may drop to 60 without being seriously hypoglycemic. The blood sugar drop is the way the body signals the person that she is hungry and it is time to eat. The person feels hungry and eats . After the person eats, the body must work very hard to raise the blood sugar and re- stabilize it bringing the blood sugar level back to 100. Often the person does not have an energy drop until she eats. But then, she has an extreme energy drop wh ile the body works to raise the blood sugar. This up and down of the blood sugar not only causes energy drops but also causes the person to eat more because they are feeling hungry every time the blood sugar drops. The answer is to keep the blood s ugar level even. This is done by reducing or illiminating the sugar and starch intake. The less sugar and starch you eat, the less hungry you will be. And by eating small amounts of protein every 2 hours, you can maintain an even blood sugar. This is why eating breakfast, as our mothers taught us is so important. This should be a protein brekfast. Not a Danish.

Protein is
In a power diet, it is important to have protein at every meal and sometimes a little every 2 hours, if you feel weak or tired. This keeps the blood sugar at even levels all day. If you don't have protein, your blood sugar drops and your en ergy drops. Keeping your blood sugar even, keeps your energy up and even. You only need 3 or 4 nuts. A tiny palm full of sunflower seeds will do. This will stabilize the blood sugar and stave off the pangs of hunger that make you feel like you hav e to gorge at meals.

8. The before meal prayer: Thank you nurturing parent for allowing me this food. How truly hungry is my stomach? Allow me to feel my hunger and feel when I'm not really hungry any more so I will stop eating and be aware when I am stuffing myself so I can just feel and express my feelings instead of using food to stuff my feelings and creating layers of body between me and my feelings and other people.

Break prayer: Thank you nurturing parent for the lovely meal I am eating . I allow my awareness to go to my stomach. Am I still really hungry? Do I really want more food? Or do I want love? Where and how can I get what I really need? I d o not want to deprive this child. If I am really hungry, I know my nurturing parent will give me permission to give me more food until I feel like I've really had enough.

After Eating Prayer: Thank you nurturing parent for the meal. Do I feel stuffed? Is this a comfortable feeling? If I feel stuffed, maybe I'll eat a little less next time. How can I plan to eat just to the point of being comfortable?

The After over doing it Prayer: I forgive me. Kiss your fingers and tap each cheek and say: " I love me and forgive me" three times.

9. Starches

    Reducing or illiminating starches will produce rapid weight loss.


Hint: I prefer to puchase pita bread. Cut it in half then use only 1 side of the 1/2 pita for toast with an egg in the morning, Watch this sight for the concluding parts of the Soup & Salad Power Diet. Also for delicious, nutritous, non fattening receipes.